About The Vessel

The Vessel is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals give expression to God’s purpose for their lives by serving worldwide.

Do you need financial support for your mission trip or project?

If you are venturing on your first or second mission trip/project we would love to hear your story.

Trip Categories

Mission Trips

Mission trips focus on showing people the loving, life-giving Son of God, already present in their midst. By demonstrating the truth, love and saving grace of Jesus Christ, mission trips can impact the eternal destination of people and transform their present lives. We particularly focus on the life-changing experience of the individual going on mission.

Humanitarian Trips

Humanitarian trips focus on improving the welfare and alleviating the suffering of people in deep need or crisis. Humanitarian trips may be in response to natural disasters, third-world repression or long-term health, habitation or refugee crises.

Teaching Trips

Teaching trips link people who have practical skills and/or specific knowledge with individuals eager to learn and grow. Teaching trips may also address the life-skill needs of under-served people groups. Learning occurs in both directions.
The Vessel also sponsors and encourages conversations centered on reconciliation through the "Gardener of Peace" project. Learn how you can participate at www.reconcile.world.

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